I love words.  Always have.  Always will.  In my opinion there is nothing more important than a word in the proper place at the right time.  Words encourage.  Words breathe life where there once was lifelessness.  Words instill peace and hope in a valley filled with despair.  Words heal.  Words are a powerful means of changing that which was broken into newness.  Sure, words also have the ability to break down, destroy, and condemn, and I have been guilty of all of those, many times, but that’s not what I am here to talk about today.

My love affair with words started in high school.  I hated writing.  Hate is a strong word.  I was your normal teenager who had a lazy streak, who was always a pretty decent writer, but never put it to much good use.  Two teachers helped me overcome my distinct disdain for the written word.  One, my Freshman English teacher, who was also one incredible coach, had me writing about everything from country songs to Shakespeare.  I loved her, and secretly appreciated what she was “making” us do.  The second, my English, English Lit, Spanish (oddly enough), and Journalism teacher, he probably taught a few other classes I was in but have forgotten about (it was a small school, teachers wore a lot of hats).  This guy MADE me participate in UIL writing.  He MADE me, and not something easy like Headline Writing, NO, news writing, editorial writing, and whatever else he felt like signing me up for, or so it felt at the time.  Honestly, our relationship evolved into more of a mentorship over the years.  He was an unwavering source of support during a time of my life I am confident I would not have survived had it not been for God’s Grace supplying that mentorship.  He was a reintroduction to the goodness of our Savior, and an introduction to the Holy Spirit. He will likely never know just how grateful I am for him and his sweet wife, so much so that when Caleb proposed to me there was no one on Earth I wanted more to marry us.  My inability to express my gratitude, my friends, is an opportunity when Earthly words simply fall short of emotion.

So, as that sweet teacher wrote on one of my more “wordy” papers in large red letters (had to get that word count in):

“Get to the point”.

Those opportunities to write began to divulge a small talent.  I received a journalism scholarship in college.  I didn’t take it.  Why:  again, teenager, lazy streak.  I eventually started a business helping others display words that “speak” to both them and to me and, due to nothing less than the Grace of God, it turned into a full-time gig.  I wrote my grandfather’s obituary and the funeral director offered me a job.  Here and there I have been asked to write various letters, articles, etc.  Mine and Caleb’s heart happens to be in marriage ministry.  Have you ever felt a calling, responded with “YES” then ran away from it 100 miles per hour?  Think Parable of the Two Sons, we were the latter son.  But that’s a different story for another time.  While serving in the “marriage ministry” capacity I met a precious new friend.  She asked me what I had planned to do with my passions.  Ouch!  God used her to gently call me out, to start a search for my niche.  I rarely used my “gift” and even more rarely used it to the Glory of the Lord.  I am not claiming to be a great writer who holds the secrets to the most Holy mysteries in the universe.  What I am actually doing, in this very draft, is a proclamation, begging my God to use me, take me, mold me, and make me into what He would have myself and these messages to be.  I am asking for Him to get me out of the way and show up, show out, and use this effort as He sees fit.  If one person, just ONE, receives refuge in the Holy Spirit though this effort, then it is all worth it.

This blog was originally intended as a marriage ministry.  I cannot tell you that this is primarily our purpose at this point.  The name “A Blessed Romance” is misleading.  It has nothing to do with the husband/wife relationship.  It has EVERYTHING to do with how God pursues us and how He wants to be seen in YOUR eyes!  My husband loves to dance, so I naturally think of dancing as a method of pure, innocent romance.  God wants to dance with you.  Imagine a Father/Daughter dance at a wedding and multiply it by infinity.  He wants to be in a love affair with you (again, another post), a pure, open, honest, tender relationship in which He is primarily what your thoughts turn to at any given point during the day.  He wants that, He really does!  We want that for you as well.  We want you to walk, day by day, in the rest of the Holy Spirit.  We hope this effort will help direct you to that!

I would like you to walk through life with me.  Here I will be putting my walk with the Lord on display for the entire world to see.  That’s unnerving.  🙂  It’s not a place where you will hear preaching (unless it’s a guest writer).  You will hear my prayers, God’s response, struggles, triumph, and whatever else He sees fit.  This is my testimony, on screen.  It is a place you will see me mess up, often.  It is a place in which I will be held accountable.  It will be a place I ask God will use to mold me.

We are here for encouragement.  We are here to help you seek answers to questions.  We don’t know all there is to know by any means, but we can help you pray through for answers and seek Biblical wisdom.

We are here to pray for you and would love nothing more than the honor of boldly approaching the Throne of Grace on your behalf!  (use the email address)  Please know your situations will be held completely confidential and will be treated with the utmost respect.

We love you already and are so excited to begin our journey together!  Come and join us!