Most Precious Heavenly Father,

How great is your name in all the earth!  You reign forever!

You are the refuge for the oppressed, the stronghold in times of trouble!  Abba Father, you have never forsaken those who seek you! (Ps 9:7-10).

You know when we sit and you know when we rise.  You hem us in behind and before! You knit us together in our mother’s wombs in quiet and secret moments.   In those first tender moments my existence was hidden from all technology, from all human knowledge, but never hidden from you.  (Ps 139) You know the number of hairs on each individual’s head (Mt. 10:30).  You give strength to the weary and increase the power of the weak (Is.  40:29). You never leave!  When things seem at their worst you are right there.

You are our greatest cheerleader, our wisest counsel, our most loyal friend, the softest shoulder on which to cry.

Father, you meet all our needs.  When others will fall short you are steadfast.  You reach down to rescue us in the deepest valleys and you are there waiting on us at the source of our deepest pain.

Over 200 years ago you formed a country based on freedom.  Lord, you delivered our forefathers from oppression and raised them up a great nation, “conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all are created equal.”  You love no other man more than the other.  You love the self-righteous, the pious, the ones who have turned their back on you, ALL.  Lord, so many years ago you set in those men’s hearts that ALL men and women should have opportunities, ALL men and women should have rights, ALL men and women should be treated equally.  Lord, we are honored by your vast blessing!  Thank you for lifting the United States up and blessing our land to be one of the most, if not the most powerful nation on earth!  Thank you for the liberties we enjoy!  Thank you for allowing our boys to grow into men and CHOOSE their occupation, thank you for the ability for women to CHOOSE whether to have a career or to stay at home and devote themselves to their household.  Thank you for the ability to worship you freely, not in a secret meeting or at risk of losing our lives.

Precious Lord, people out there want to hurt us, even kill us, for the beliefs we have.  People are so bold as to fly airplanes into our great buildings, killing over 3,000 of our brothers and sisters.  Father, they will try to keep us down, they will try to kill us, they will try to overtake this great nation!  But, with YOU at the helm they can do nothing.

All that said, Lord, we need you today, more than ever.  Father, we are divided amongst ourselves.  We fight battles against each other, in words, in hate, in violence, and loving our neighbor is the farthest thing from our minds.  Father, we have lost the fire that was in the beginning of this great nation.  We have misplaced our focus.  Lord, we are so concerned about our own rights and privileges and what we “deserve” that we have skewed the purpose of this great nation.  We have turned our nation from a mindset of honor and gratefulness for the opportunities we have to that of selfishness and a focus on what we feel we are owed.

We know a house divided against itself will fall (Mt 12:25, Mk 3:25, Lk 11:17).  We know it is inevitable that our great nation will be the source of its own demise should we not come together.

El Shaddai, my plea today is for you to come and fill the hearts and minds of our people!  Make us a unified nation, one whose purpose is to serve the one God, Jehovah!  Move in the hearts of those who love you. Raise them up to be great leaders, to be the disciples you have called them to be.  Anoint them as witnesses for you!  Lord, take away our fear of rejection, judgement, and even fear for our lives.  May we boldly approach the Throne of Grace and boldly approach our very existence in a way that shouts from the mountain tops that you are who you say you are!

Lord, prick the hearts of those who do not know your goodness, mercy, and grace.  Give them a reason to seek your face, give them examples, bring to them those witnesses mentioned before so that they may see who YOU are and be changed!  Fill every longing they have with your goodness!

Jehovah Jireh, send your Holy Spirit like you did on the day of Pentecost.  Send it down like tongues of fire to fill the people of our nation!  May we all bear witness to a great revival.  Lord, let that revival start here and now!  Let it start with me!  Just as you went before the Israelites in a pillar of fire in the desert, Lord, I ask that you blaze our paths in the midst of this dark time, make the path you choose known to us!

Raise our men up to walk in truth, lift our women to stand for justice.  May we be a formidable foe in the face of any adversary!  For if YOU are with us, who can truly stand against us?

Let us urge those who do not know you not to turn away from you during times of trial.  Let us show them how to run toward you, with full and reckless abandon.  Lord, show us how to love our neighbor, all our neighbors.  Show us what that love looks like.  Let us fully express that love in our lives toward those who live differently, look differently, and think differently than we do.  May we be used as your instrument to love as you first loved us, and let us not get in the way of your work.  May we glorify your name in the fruits that we bear.

My Adonai, you are the only one who can provide revival to this nation.  I stand now, with arms wide, in awe of your goodness, your mercy, and your eternal grace, and excited for the time to come.

In your most holy, most precious, all-powerful name,